Adobo Velo | Filipino-American Cycling Club
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Meet The Club

All skills levels welcome, regardless
of nationality, race, color, creed.


Our Mission

Promote cycling among all levels of cyclists, by organizing not-for-profit bicycling activities open to club members, local communities, and like-minded cycling clubs. Some of the benefits of membership more



Of the sport of cycling.Let’s represent it well!! SMILE and HAVE FUN. If you do this, the rest comes easy. Be Courteous, Obey traffic laws, Don’t litter , Don’t be a danger to yourself or others around you..

What’s New

Giro d’ Brí

Giro d’ Brí Was born to showcase the beautiful hills and mountains of San...



Before you become a member, or before you renew, think carefully, as we want YOU to be really sure that this is the club for you.


(A) Do you have THE TIME to ride in the club’s group rides? The club has many chapters, each with their weekly rides, as well as club-wide picnic rides or events almost every month.


(B) Do you ENJOY RIDING WITH THE CLUB, and SHARING STORIES/PHOTOS on the club’s Facebook? Do you get along with club members?


(C) Do you consider it important to have CLUB RIDE INSURANCE? Adobo Velo insures club members during club rides for General Liability and Accident. See Insurance.


(D) Do you plan to purchase a CLUB KIT to “represent”? Adobo Velo kits are proudly made in the U.S.A. We have over 300 members who order kits. Adobo Velo makes zero markup on kit sales.


(E) At third-party organized rides (such as charity century rides, double century rides, etc) do you RIDE WITH OTHER ADOBO VELO MEMBERS, for “safety in numbers”, or “the more the merrier”?


If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you’re probably getting good value for your membership. If you answered “no” to most of them, we’d feel guilty about taking your dues again and not providing value.


REGISTER HERE Applications are subject to review before membership is accepted.

ANNUAL DUES: $50 every January, but see below
So. California and Las Vegas chapters: $50
Primary members who are minors: $25
Spouse and dependents : $25
USA residents, but outside So. Cal and Las Vegas (Do not have own chapter): $25
Philippine residents (Do not have USA club insurance. Have own RP-made kits): US$5



WE PREFER PAYPAL (so we don’t have to make a trip to the bank). Please pay to Since this is not a business, but 100% run by friends/volunteers without profit motive, please choose “Family and Friends”. (Do not choose “Goods and Services” as that incurs a fee.)


(BUT IF YOU MUST PAY BY CHECK, send an email to and we’ll email you the remittance address).




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