Adobo Velo | Filipino-American Cycling Club
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Meet The Club

All skills levels welcome, regardless of nationality, race, color, creed.  Come sample our group rides among our geographic chapters.  Each chapter is represented by a chapter director in our Board. Read More


Our Mission…

… Is to promote a club identity, and foster camaraderie among members, by providing (a) organized biking events, (b) club ride insurance, (c) club merchandise, and (d) club social media.  Our regular organized biking events include weekly local chapter rides,  monthly club-wide picnics, special events such century rides, and  annual holiday party.

We’re All Ambassadors…

… of our club and the sport of cycling .  Let’s represent it well and be good citizens and wear our Adobo Velo jersey with pride.  We’re   visitors in the communities where we bike, so let’s be courteous to the residents, motorists, and pedestrians.  Smile and say Hello.  Let’s obey traffic laws. Let’s not litter (wrappers go in our jersey pockets.) Let’s not be reckless, let’s not endanger ourselves and others around us.

What’s New



Before you become a member, or before you renew, think carefully, as we want YOU to be really sure that this is the club for you.


(A) A big reason for being in any cycling club is the group rides. Do you have THE TIME to ride in the club’s group rides?  We have many chapters, each with their weekly rides. We also have club-wide picnic rides almost every month.


(B) Do you like SHARING STORIES and SELFIES on the club’s Facebook? That’s part of the fun of being in a club.


(C) Do you consider it important to have CLUB RIDE INSURANCE? Adobo Velo insures club members during club rides for General Liability and Accident. See Insurance.


If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you’re probably getting good value for your membership. If you answered “no” to most of them, we’d feel guilty about taking your dues and not providing good value.




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